Howard Maurer & Dyanne ThorneThis website is for mature audiences only, many of whom will judge negatively, while loyal fans will accept a more postitive viewpoint. Dyanne Thorne and Howard Maurer hope you will enjoy their own website, which will be upgraded on occasion with some revelations meant to be of interest.

     Years ago, Dyanne Thorne gave all her energies to courageously persuing The American Dream: “You Are Unlimited”. During 20 years of successful stage work, Dyanne married Howard Maurer and together they went on to another 30 years of successful producing and performing musical and comedy reviews, as well as television and film. the most interesting twist of all, they now officiate weddings worldwide.

     During a similar time span, Howard Maurer, a uniquely multi-talented Bronx boy was also learning about life. This musician, vocalist, pianist, composer, lyricist, comedy writer, actor and entertainer enjoyed as many stage names as careers. When he lived at home, the family took messages from anyone that called for any name, just in case it might be an assignment for Howard.

     His worldwide musical comedy act as The Brothers Cain, headlined him in many Las Vegas Hotel Shows, sharing billboards with Sinatra and ‘The Rat Pack’. when a friend introduced Howard to Dyanne in 1972, they continued their individual careers until marrying 2 years later. Time led to Howard headling radio’s famous live audience weekly show, “Hello From Vegas”, held in major Las Vegas hotel showrooms. The rest is “Happily Ever After”.